Rodeway Inn Hollywood
6826 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

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Rodeway Inn Hollywood on 4/9/11

I stayed at this hotel room 114. When i woke up the next morning i had bites all over my neck, they were very itchy! We also found a dead bedbug!
I went over to notify the manager, and he refunded the money, but this didn't take away my bites and the horrible itch....Ill will never stay here again.....even if it were FREE!!!!!!!

We spent two nights at Rodeway Inn and most aspects of the stay were just fine. Except that the morning after the first night I found what I naively assumed was a big red, un-engorged tick in my bed. I killed it and didn't think much more of it.

The next morning my father woke up in the other bed with bites all over his neck, hands and legs. Unpleasant to look at and extremely itchy to say the least. We told the management and they refunded the second night of our stay...

Nice effort, but

much better they man up and get rid of the bedbugs!

see full report...

My wife and I stayed at this hotel on April 1st and checked out April 3rd. We are covered in gigantic bed bug bites from head to toe. It was completely infested. We stayed in room 203.

Be very careful! I am an actor on top of it, with gigantic swolen bites all over my face from this occurence.

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