Renaissance Montura Hotel Los Angeles Airport
9620 Airport Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045-5402

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We stayed there from March 12th-16th 2015. I woke up on day two and was extremely itching! I have allergies and thought I was having an outbreak . After day four approached it grew spreading on my upper thigh, redness, inflammation, and so much itching you would rather rip your skin off!!

Stayed in Room 950 on 11/06/11, and woke up in the early a.m. with bumps like mosquito bites on my feet. originally thought it may be spider bites, but it's confirmed to bed bed bug bites. Later the next day and night more bites appeared through the day. Let the manager know the next morning, but am going to call back now that I know it's bed bugs. YUCK!

Stayed here on 10/08/11 for one night. In the morning, woke up w small round bumps on my legs next to each other. Didn't think much of it until I got back home. Upon checking out my suitcase, I found several bedbugs! I've contacted the hotel and have not heard back.

Stayed at this hotel in room #204 between 03/09/2011 and 03/11/2011 and on the second day of my stay I noticed red bumps on my forearms and hands. I initially thought that I had a rash due to some allergic reaction, event though I don't have a history of allergies. It was a type of rash that I had never seen, although the bumps were looking like mosquito bites. On the third morning I noticed 2 separate clusters of bumps on my face and even more bumps on my neck, arms and legs. I didn't think abo

ut having it checked out until today when I went to see my doctor and he confirmed bed bugs bites on all exposed parts of my body. Coming back home in a panic I opened my suitcase and found a dead bed bug in it. I contacted the hotel right away and exposed the situation, now waiting to hear back from them. This is my first encounter with bed bugs at this hotel and I am often staying there during business trips to LA.

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