Quality Inn Mid Wilshire Plaza
603 S New Hampshire Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005-1342

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This place is now the Howard Johnson Los Angeles.

I checked in to this dump on 7/12/2011. At 2am, before settling into my bed, I examined it for bed bugs and found tons of them. I had them transfer me to another room which did not have bed bugs. The guy at the desk told me to contact the manager about getting a refund for that night.

After returning home, I called to see if I could get a refund on the first night of my stay, and they refused because they "did not have documentation of the


Terrible place, terrible service, and lots of bugs.

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This is currently a Howard Johnson motel, no longer a Quality Inn. I have stayed here occasionally for many years, and always thought it was a great value for the location. However, I will think twice before staying here again, because I got bedbug bites when I stayed here in July 2011.

This hotel is now called the Howard Johnson.

The room wasnt bad as far as nasty hotels go...I guess I'm just used to having to stay in crappy places. Everything that was attached to the walls was sagging. The towel rack, shower curtain, and the shelf above the toilet were all almost falling off the wall. The sink/counter top were one piece and they used to be a dull nasty yellow color. Apparently they decided to paint it, so now you can see the old nasty color sink through the paint chips

that is now the "new" sink. They seem to not be able to afford normal sized pillows so they cut them in half to make a bunch of small square pillows that you sleep on. The texture on the walls was rough like stucco and if you walked by too fast you could sand down your skin. The one window that had a view of other rooms directly across from it didn't have any screens on it. You could easily commit suicide out of these if you wanted to.

Now the worst thing about the room is it has bed bugs. I didn't realize this until I got home though, but as soon as I took my shirt off I saw about 50 bug bites all over myself. You have got to love coming home after working a hard week and having to wash everything before you even step in the door to your own house thanks to this nasty place.

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