Intercontinental Los Angeles Century City Luxury Hotel
2151 Avenue Of The Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067-5001

Found 4 reports:

stayed in room 606 and saw numerous blood marks on walls and sheets... overall a dirty room (which I know doesn't contribute to bed bugs per se, but reflects the vigilance of the housekeeping staff which is usually the first line of defense).

September 20 & 21 Bites in 5 places on my body and tiny blood spots on sheets. Did not stay to look for bugs, but notified management.

Bedbugs in 2 different rooms

Checked in on 8/16. Saw a bedbug on a fabric headboard in one room. Switched rooms, searched next room thoroughly with no problem.

Another person in the travel group found evidence of bedbugs in a room (blood trails on the sheets, blood spots on the mattress, etc.). Moved rooms, again no problem in the next searched room.

Hotel management seemed proactive about getting rid of the mattresses in the reported rooms and were very apologetic.

No nearby bug reports