Hollywood Inn Express North
5131 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027-6105

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BEDBUGS BEDBUGS .............
DECEMBER 12, 2011

was in room no, 101 !!!!

I had never seen a Bed Bug before so the first night i thought it was just a regular bug from the outside, but a few days later i woke upp because i felt something crawling in my ear, and when i grab it and it was bug then i got up it was about 4am and i found several bed bugs on the sheets and pillows this was on 1/28/09, My sister and her baby girl and myself were staying in room 105 the baby had some bites as well. I took some still photos as well as some movies with my digital camera. When

i reported it to the front desk, she said it was the first she heard of it, and that was it.

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