Dunes Inn Wilshire
4300 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90005

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My recommendation is to STAY AWAY from this place!! This place was the most horrible hotel I've ever stayed in!

After a 5-minute sleep; I felt itchy on my neck and my shoulder. I turned the lights on tried to see what happens to me. Suddenly, I saw a few alive crawling beg bugs on my pillow! It was so gross!!! The worst thing could ever happened to anyone who in a random hotel. I'm sure will report this issue to the health department. This is terrible.

On Sept 16 2014 I checked into this hotel. As soon as I entered the room I felt something off about it because of the smell. I did a quick search under the mattress for any bed bugs and didn't see any. However when I was going to bed after I had turned off the lights I felt something crawling on me. I turned on the lights and noticed bugs crawling all over my pillow. There were lots of them. Adult ones and little ones. I removed all the sheets from the bed and the were even more. I told the guy

in the lobby he didn't seem too surprised but he didn't charge me for the night and I immediately checked out.

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