Embassy Suites Hotel Irvine Orange County Airport
2120 Main St
Irvine, CA 92614-6219

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The entire right side of my face where I slept on the pillow was covered with 20 or more bites. I missed a New Years Eve party due to this painful and embarrassing incident. The housekeeping is terrible at this hotel. I phoned corporate who were very apologetic however I never received any call from the hotel whatsoever even after reporting directly to them. I spoke with a general manager who was extremely unprofessional and rude! I will continue with my non compromising lifestyle and put this

behind me never again booking anything less than a five star and above establishment. I have privately informed my dear and personal friends the honorable Hiltons. I was also informed by the general manager that the Hilton's have no power in that the corporation is operated by someone else. I'm certain she will receive a feedback in regards to this!
Classless establishment! Serving nacho cheese and animal crackers as the evening reception. Vulgar! My face was scabbed more than 20 bites for at least 10 days.

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January 2011
First night in bed had some bites on legs...thought they might be fleas. Second night in the bed woke up with all exposed areas of arms, legs and neck covered with bites that were too numerous to count. Reported it to the front desk, don't know if anything was done. Checked out. Had to take benadryl to stop the itching and problem with swallowing. All parts that were covered with my pajamas were NOT bitten.

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