Egyptian Theater - LLOYD E RIGLER Screen
6712 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028-4605

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Went to the Egyptian again for the AFI Fest and again had bites the next day. (I submitted an earlier report) I don't believe that these are bed bugs, but rather some kind of mite or flea. I don't see any signs of bed bugs at this point at my house and the bites don't look like bed bug bites. In both cases, I sat in the left section (facing the screen) about 4 or 5 rows from the back.

I saw movies at the Egyptian and one of the smaller Chinese theaters at AFI Fest on Friday night 11/7/15 and had bug bites - probably bed bugs - the next day.

It seems the Egyptian has had complaints about this is the past.

Two nights ago (10/11/15) I was at a movie screening at this location. While at the movie I felt a very uncomfortable itch on left side of my back and couldn't stop. I had to leave during the Q&A which is rude to the guest that was there at the time, but I had no choice. I came home to see my back was red with bumps. I wish someone will go and inspect this theater and all theaters from time to time and avoid putting people in this situation. I love movies and would hate to not being able to go o

ut anymore with fear of bed bugs. Can you please have someone check the theater?

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