Fairfield Inn-Oakland
25921 Industrial Blvd
Hayward, CA 94545-2995

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I stayed for one night on 2013/10/19 in room 302. The next day I developed what I thought was a rash across my back. Upon further review there are 18+ bites on my back. I notified Fairfield Customer Service immediately and received a note from the hotel manager that completely discounted my claim and indicated he found no visible bugs in the room. My family stayed in the very same room in September and both my daughter and husband had bug bites the next day - at the time we thought they must

be mosquito bites, but now I know they were actually bed bug bites. We are Marriot Platinum members and spend upwards of 100 nights each year at Marriot Properties. This is our first encounter with bed bugs. WE WILL NOT BE STAYING AT THIS PROPERTY EVER AGAIN!

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