Embassy Suites-la Glendale
800 N Central Ave
Glendale, CA 99999

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On the night of 1/25/2016, I was awakened at 2:30 AM with itching and welts on my arms, legs and back of my neck. Having never experienced anything like this before, I thought maybe a mosquito had gotten into the room (I'm allergic to insect bites). I jumped from the bed, turned on the light and threw the covers back, to see at least 3 tiny dots on the sheets... One started to move, and I freaked out! I squashed it with a tissue and it left blood. By now, the welts had begun to swell, and I w

as horrified, realizing I'd actually been bitten by bedbugs!!

I called the desk, told the man who answered what was going on, and that I needed to be moved IMMEDIATELY from that room (1005). He didn't seem surprised about the report, nor did he respond with a sense of urgency - only said this: "I don't know what to tell you, because we're sold out for the night." I asked him what he expected me to do, and he said, "We can send someone up to change your sheets, but we have no room to move you to tonight. The manager doesn't come in until 8:00." Again, no sense of urgency, and a complete disregard for the gravity of what was going on!!

Around 3:30 AM, a room attendant actually came with new sheets. When I told him what was happening and showed him my arms and neck, his face became flushed, and he said he needed to go tell the manager... He never returned to the room. By now, it's around 4AM, and I'm sitting upright in a chair, afraid to touch anything and not wanting anything in that room to touch me. I showered, hoping to wash off the 'creepiness' I felt, but it did not work. The welts were getting bigger, and the itching more intense.

Having to get to work before 8:00, I had to get dressed and leave. I took my things from the closet (thank God I had hung my clothes there, instead of laying them on a soft/cloth surface). I took everything from the bedroom to the front room - I did not go back into the bedroom area at all.

I stepped away from the meeting at work, and called the hotel to speak to the manager. I told him the details of my situation, and he said he had been notified. He apologized and asked if I was seeking medical attention, which I appreciated. I told him I needed to be moved immediately, and asked how he could guarantee I would not experience the same in another room.... He insisted that the new room had been inspected - having 3-4 colleagues also staying there without issue, I reluctantly agreed to the new room for the one additional night I would be there.

When I asked if he planned to charge me for the previous night, he actually asked if my company was paying for the room - and if it was company expense, I should accept 'points' versus refunding the room charge, because "It won't cost you anything anyway" - that almost sent me over the edge. I told him it was not the right thing to do (accepting points, versus the room charge). The room was to be comped for that terrible Monday night.

At this point, I am still swollen and bruised with a total of 8 bite marks on my right and left forearms - the remaining areas are not as swollen, nor are they bruised, but there are at least 20 itchy bites on my body overall.

I had spent more than 6 weeks (on and off) at the Glendale Embassy Suites in the past 14 months, but I will NEVER stay there again, and have shared my agony with my colleagues as well. I am also checking into having that hotel banned by my company & removed from the 'approved' list of hotels within the corporate travel system. I wish that NO other person - and especially no other company colleague - goes through what I went through at that hotel!

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I was staying at Embassy Suites hotel in Glendale, CA from 1/11/2016 - 1/15/2016. They originally assigned me room 427. I was awaken the very first night at 3am by bed bug bites on both my arms. I had three bites on my right arm and 2 bites on my left arm. I am allergic to bed bugs so the areas of the bites became swollen and inflamed quickly. What surprised me most was the staff's reaction to my report of bed bugs. The gentlemen at the front desk at 3:30am did change my room to 401, but t

old me I should wash my own cloths on the 2nd floor laundry. I responded by saying the hotel could wash my cloths for me. He said "I guess they can do that."
Even with the very visible bug bites the hotel staff did not seem to take me seriously. They did not seem concerned about me taking my luggage and cloths to the new room. I would have expected them to try to isolate the situation and take precautions, but they didn't. I did not have any other issues with the new room.
When I checked out on Friday, 1/15/2016 the hotel did refund my money for the laundry service, but did NOT refund any money for the room stay. I had to explain to the front desk about what happen and convinced them to refund my money for at least the first night's stay.

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Stayed for one night on 6/8/13. Woke up the morning of 6/9/13. My wife noted a small red dot on the sheet. She thought it was a bit of lint. But then it was moving! Hotel management was called up to the room (#302) and it was confirmed that they were bed bugs.

Our room was comp'ed and the hotel promised to pay for any dry clean charges, but still a total nightmare as we do not want an infestation to start in our own home. Took every precaution including getting completely undressed in the ga

rage, bagging out clothes in sealed bags and advising the cleaners of situation so they can also use extreme caution

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October 16-18 , 2012
Room 1021

I stayed there for two nights, and upon return to Atlanta have extreme case of bedbug bites all over my legs, and have been very uncomfortable.

I tried nicely to reach out to them to tell them this- mostly so the next person does not suffer this fate but have been ignored.

Thank you for this valuable registry - I hope that I can help someone.


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