Crowne Plaza Hotel Fullerton
1500 S Raymond Ave
Fullerton, CA 92831

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After checking into my room, I performed a cursory inspection by opening the top cover, and sure enough, there was a bed bug crawling across the surface of the sheet. I took a picture of the culprit, and showed the front desk. They apologized, contacted management, and gave me a new room on a different floor.

I could find no evidence of infestation in the new room, but I slept very fitfully and uneasily. Never heard from management, and no steps were taken to ensure my protection or sati


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I checked into this hotel and discovered large and small bedbugs in one of the two queen beds in the room. The hotel management staff seemed unalarmed by the report but after my demanding a new hotel (not just room) they moved me into a another room in a different section of the hotel.
The room I was intially assigned to was cleared of all linens, & furnishing and quarrantined for 5 days. They failed to provide adaquent guide and professional instruction for my personal effects.

I travel

for business all over the country for the past 25 years and have never experienced a situation like this. It is disrupting and disturbing to say the least. Overall the staff was ill-prepared and educated in addressing this type of incident. They seemed to be more concerned of their own need and profit margin.

In the end I was comped for my entire visit and my associates rooms were discounted, we recieved gift card for 4 complimentry breakfasts (big deal). My wish is that they would have focused their efforts on answering issues on my personal exposure and abatement issues...

The staff and service overall was very poor, do not stay here!!

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