La Quinta Inn Fresno - Yosemite
2926 Tulare St
Fresno, CA 93721-1440

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8/1/12-- I was lying on top of the white sheets when I saw a clear-ish bug the size and shape of an apple seed. I tried to catch it to look more closely but accidentally flicked it onto the floor. Since I hadn't gotten a close look, I thought maybe I was imagining things and returned to watching TV. About an hour later, I looked more closely at the pillow and realized that the tiny reddish speck I saw was moving, and so was another. I got up and saw a fourth, bigger bug that looked more like the

first: flat, like an apple seed, and clear-ish with a darker part inside. It matched pictures I found online.

I called the front desk who were quite apologetic and professional. They offered me a refund and said they would have a pest company check the room first thing in the morning.

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