Howard Johnson Inn
1575 Ocotillo Dr
El Centro, CA

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I am a full time student and I commute quite a ways to my campus I stay in hotels 3 days a week, and I often book my room through travel sites. The higher end hotels do are usually fine with it, but I've gotten some negative reactions with the more economic priced hotels. I can't afford to pay much, and some travel sites don't let you pick where you stay, they just give you the best deal. Who would of thought that a Howard Johnson would ever disappoint? Well, the reservation wasn't honored, so I

had to pay it myself even though my wife had already used her credit card and booked the room to my name. We have the same last name and address, why was this lady being so difficult? I didn't reject, last thing I wanted was to be ungrateful with my wife, so I put up with it. Then she tells me I'm being upgraded to the deluxe suite with a separate living room and kitchen. I told her it was not necessary, I was staying alone and was only concerned with my studies. For a minute, I thought she felt bad for the whole reservation misunderstanding, but then she tells me that its the only room available. How this happened with the reservation being made 2 days prior, for a week day? There were 2 other cars in the parking lot beside my own and the front desk lady's. I still didn't make a fuss about it, I'm really not that hard to please. The room looked decent, very old though. It was obvious that very few people used this room, perhaps because it was the deluxe suite which no one really wants to pay the same price that a much nicer and newer hotel would charge for. I turned the air cooling unit from only the room I was in, I didn't want to run up the bill. At night however, the old unit in the bedroom was barely pushing its own weight, so I decided to go into the next room and run that unit... big mistake! Upon running that AC, it blew out a humid, dirty, mold stench. It eventually filtered out, so i thought it may have been from lack of use. I went back to the bedroom, and continued to work on my computer. I didn't undo the bed and hadn't even removed my clothes or shoes. I usually stay up late doing homework. I began feeling itchy. Not a normal itch, more like tiny stings on my head and on my back. I figured it was probably all the sweat after a hot day. It continued to spread to my arms and legs, and now I could feel as if there were things leaping and landing on my hair and skin. As a kid I had a lot of seasonal allergies, so I thought maybe I can shower and get into some clean clothes. Big mistake! It must have been the towels, after I dried up, it was twice as bad. Then I looked at the carpet and it was worn down, very dusty, and even smelled like it had gone through some stuff. I am positive that underneath that carpet, there must have been an ecosystem of some sort. I thought, okay it doesn't seem like this room is ever used, maybe they aren't aware of this. I dont want to bother them now, when I check out in the morning, I can give them a heads up at least for the housekeeper's sake. When I mentioned that the room should be sprayed for bugs, the front desk lady looked up and said, "oh yeah" just as casual as can be and smirked. Now I was a little upset. But it was over, and I was on my way out. Wrong again. Its been 5 days and its gotten worse. I have infested another hotel, which was kind enough to switch my room, so that's two rooms they must treat, and I have no idea what I have. I've missed school all week because I don't want to spread this around. I have a doctors visit this week, but I tried dog shampoo for fleas and ticks, I tried showering 4 to 5 tomes a day. I threw out my luggage bags and had to purchase new ones. I can't eat anything without it getting splattered with tiny little red and black dots... I'm assuming its the bugs. And I even sprayed the room with a fogger which made me feel ill. I had to leave the room and wander around the hotel for hours hoping that I could eventually get a night's rest. I had to wash all my clothes and change all the sheets and towels I use at an alarming rate. These things won't quit. I have a ton of little birthmark all over,but I realized when I was lucky enough to spot one, it would quickly dig into my flesh and bury itself in my skin before I could kill it. I've dug into my flesh and picked at them until I have sores that don't scab properly because I keep scratching over them when I feel that they start to dig at them. I'm tired, I'm hungry, and I'm worried. I called the lady to let her know about the room, and when she realized who I was she interrupted me and said "okay thank you sir" and hung up on me. This is not over yet. Stay away from this place. Its not even a real Howard Johnson, an the pictures on the web although pretty ordinary, are nowhere near what this place looks like.

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