Embassy Suites Hotel Los Angeles-Downey
8425 Firestone Blvd
Downey, CA

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We arrived Aug 19 to a room that smelled heavy of cigarettes. We packed up and asked the manager for a better room. We unpacked and noticed jizz on the head board then I started scratching and it was bed bugs or fleas. I went in the bathroom and the roof had leak with this big nasty mold stain. The wood floor in the bathroom was buckled and rusted. The house keeper cleaned the jizz but told us to ignor everything else as she could do nothing for us. I asked for our money back
We weren’t going

to be thrown from room to room. We drove 6 hours to tour L.A. we did not stay long and not overnight and was told we would get a full refund the next day. So we drove thru the night back to the Central Valley. What happened next? The Embasy suites lies and says we can’t give you a refund after they said they would and we didn’t even stay there.! We will never return there and I will have to
Get assistance in getting my money back.
Erica Pace
1020 Narada Way
Livingston Ca.95334
Regarding: Embassy Suites Downey Ca.
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1/21/2015 Colleague found two blood encouraged bed bugs in her room after the first night. One night's stay was comped. I stayed there two weeks prior, I will never stay there again nor will anyone from my company.

Bed bug was photographed and reported to management on 9/6/14. Specific action was requested on a colleague's behalf. Instead of a plan of action directed toward our finding, we were given an email response 10 days later from the "front office manager" detailing the hotel's detection/removal protocol. Interestingly, the manager indicated in bold type that "if" a problem were found during their routine inspections...that statement alone was a death sentence that my colleagues, clients, etc. will

no longer receive a personal recommendation from me to stay there.

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