Country Inn by Ayres
325 Bristol St
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-5998

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I've wanted to report this incident for a long time but just couldn't have the time and don't know where to report to begin with. Finally have the time to Google and found this site.
After New Year’s Eve party, my husband and I checked in at Ayres Hotel & Suites in Costa Mesa early morning of January 1. 2012. We woke up and watched TV, I got out of bed and when I took the blanket out, I saw a small bug on my bed, it was small, I thought it was an ant first but it was a little larger than

an ants, it’s moving fast so I tried to block it with a piece of paper because it’s heading towards the end of the bed. I told my husband to take a photo of it because I have a suspicion it might be a bed bug. I’ve heard from my best friend that there’s a bed bug epidemic going on these days especially in New York. My husband took some photos, then I decided to smacked it with the piece of card so it won’t get away and hide.
We zoom the photo so we can see how the bug looks like and Google bed bugs, sure enough it looks like bed bug. I reported it to the front desk and immediately the manager wanted to come to our room immediately and attend to the matter. She introduced herself as Erin and gave me a business card and we showed her the dead bug with small blood like stain on the bed sheet what had came out from it; hope it’s not my blood. She offered to transfer us to another room if we are staying another day but I told her we’re checking out and we just wanted to go home right away. I didn’t even bother to take a shower before leaving because I’m afraid these pests might hitch to our home by hiding in our luggage. Erin nice enough to offer the room for free and asked if anyone of us got bitten, we told her we checked our body but for now couldn’t find any bites. We got out of the room as quickly as we can and checked out.

After this incident, I meticulously check bed sheets and mattress of the hotel we are staying and still ask myself before closing my eyes what if there’s a bed bug?

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