Fairfield Inn
50 N Clovis Ave
Clovis, CA 93612-0301

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Checked in 11/17, checked under fitted sheet and under mattress and saw no evidence. Woke up 11/19 with bites. After a more thorough inspection of the room I found live adults and juveniles, skins and feces under the bed skirt and on top of the box spring. Lesson learned: look under the bed skirt!!!
The hotel is doing everything it should: cleaning all my clothes, buying me a new suitcase (like hell am I bringing mine home after being next to the bed.......), moving me to a new suite, and giv

ing me enough awards points for 3 free nights. I choose this option because this was a work trip and a refund does not compensate me personally for this inconvenience.

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3 out of four of us ended up with bites while staying there. Our second day there two of my kids started to complain about bumps, unfortunately I thought they were just mosquito bites. A day after returning home my youngest showed me her torso which was covered with bites, all 3 of my kids had them everywhere! We toke them to urgent care and found that my youngest had developed a staph infection. Upon informing the hotel of this they gave us the same reply as the previous report on this site. We

stayed only at this hotel, there is no other logical explanation other than bed bugs. The Dr confirmed such results. The management at this place chooses to turn a blind eye to their infestation. They are def a health risk to the public. BTW we have pics & Drs notes to show

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Dear NCresident,

I would like to share that we did investigate this issue when you brought it to our attention. We had a pest control company come out to hotel and thoroughly inspect the room, they found no evidence of bed bugs.

Thank you
General Manager for the Fairfield Inn & Suites Clovis - Felicity Garland

I stayed at this hotel Thur Sept 1 through Sunday Sept 4. When I arrived home the following day I had small red bumps that were quite sore. The day followed that (Tuesday) the bumps had become more sore and appear to blister up look like pus filled little bumps. I have pictures for proof.

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