Crowne Plaza Hotel San Francisco Intl Airport
1177 Airport Blvd
Burlingame, CA 94010-1909

Found 5 reports:

My husband and I stayed here the night of 11/13/14 in room 331 after a long day of travel. The hotel didn't have a queen bed so my husband and I slept in different twin sized beds. The next day my husband broke out in a rash all over his body. 4 days later the Dr. Confirmed it as bed bugs and we traced it back to this hotel.

I stayed at this hotel with my daughter on June , 21st 2012 for two days and when I returned I found that within a week or two we were getting bites in our home. I found a small amount of bed bugs and threw almost everything out of my apartment. I live in a major city so I am shocked to learn that this hotel is infested !

I stayed there in room 425 the night of May 22, 2012 and woke up the morning of May 23rd, with what ended up being a total of 15 Bed Bug Bites, confirmed by 2 different doctors.
I reported it to the front desk and gave my personal cell phone number. I haven't heard from anyone at the hotel and when I called them all that I got was a voice mail.

3/23/12: checked in to room 623. About an hour into my sleep I started feeling like I was getting bitten all over. My wife denied feeling bitten. Went back to sleep. Now, a week later, I have about 35 bites all over me. I know it was that room, I destinctly thought I was probably getting bitten by bed bugs but, unfortunately didn't investigate. Learned my lesson.

Checked into room 209. Found a live one by baseboard. Moved to 913 and found several dead ones behind nightstand on floor. Manager first denied they had them and then proved to him. He paid for room at different hotel.

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