Ramada Inn Burbank
2900 N San Fernando Blvd
Burbank, CA

Found 2 reports:

I checked in to this hotel August 30, 2013. This all happened the following night after coming back from a show. My boyfriend and I entered the room and I sat on the bed where I saw a small, flat brownish bug walking on top of the sheets. I knew exactly what it was but my boyfriend was not convinced until we did a Google search and found a picture. Sure enough it was a bed bug. After that we moved the mattress and saw about five or six more on the box spring. It did not seem like an infestation,

but still I was very upset. We went to the front desk and checked out telling the worker about what we saw. He said there was nothing he could do because he was just the night worker, but did give us the names of the front desk and general managers. He also put what we said in the notes on the computer. We ended up getting home after 2am. We were both very disappointed because we have stayed at this hotel several times and now will never stay here again.

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This hotel is totally infested with bed bugs, I stayed there and got ate up completed.

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