Rodeway Inn Near Maingate Knott's Buena Park
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This past Friday, 6/14/13, I saw a tiny red bug crawling on my teddy bear. I killed it! It's body burst and blood smired all over my teddy bear. I did a google search and found out it was a baby bed bug. That was when I noticed bite marks on my neck and chest. I thought the little bites were an allergic reaction when I first checked in - until I saw the tiny red bug on my teddy bear.

I immediately reported it to management. They changed my room the next day. Maintenance inspected my

bed and found a colony under my mattress! They are going to have pest control to come this Tuesday, 6/18/13.

The following morning in my new room, I got more bites - all over my back (!) and along both my arms. I again informed management.

I had to wash my things a second time (management was relunctant to comp the laundry expense).

Management did not properly inform me on how to handle the situation. I had to do a google search to determine how to handle my belongings. I think I might have transferred some bugs to my new room. Maintenance inspected the room.

Now they've changed me to another room since I want to stay until the end of the month since it's more convenient. I just hope I don't get any more bites tonight in this new room. I have placed all my belongings in trash bags on the floor in the bathroom.

I have used the blowdryer on my laptop and other smaller items to see it there are any bugs. Housecleaning did a thorough cleaning of this new room before I moved in.

The male weekend management wasn't very helpful and was doubtful of my situation. I had to confirm the existence of bed bugs with maintenance, who saw the colony after their inspection.

I will update the situation tomorrow should there be a need.

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