2434 Piedmont Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704-2455

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My daughter is visiting for 3 weeks as a prospective student at Berkeley. This hostel is infested with bed bugs. It's filthy and is falsely advertised on their website. They also have rodents. It stinks terribly and unhealthy environment to live in. The owner refuses to acknowledge the problem and seems like a real jack ass.

Infested with bed bugs. I booked a room for three days last week and was moved to two different rooms (14 & 15), both infested. The owner knows this is happening and is renting rooms anyway. On the second night when I showed him the bugs in both rooms he ordered me out in the middle of the night. As I was preparing to leave, I took photos of several mattresses wrapped in plastic leaning against walls, shoved in closets and laying on fire escapes and on rubbish piles. I managed to get a couple of

photos of the bugs themselves. They got into my luggage and am still dealing with the bites on my leg and hips. Disgusting place run by disgusting people. The place is absolutely filthy. There are rodent traps in kitchen, garbage and debris piled everywhere inside and outside of the building. All of the dishes feel greasy and smell bad. I am still fighting with them to get full refund. My bank and the city of Berkeley said they would launch an investigation if my money was not returned within 14 days.

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I lived here since 12days ago,and I feel itchy doctor tole me that I was bites by bugs. Many people living here have the same problem, and I will move to hotel tomorrow. I cannot bear it! It Is the first time
I visit America and the worst vacation I have.

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