Super 8 Barstow Ca
170 Coolwater Ln
Barstow, CA 92311-3222

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October, 2014 - I stayed there for a week for work. I thought I felt itchy at night several times, but was working 13 hour days and didn't spend much time worrying about it. By the time I got home I had several bite marks, but wasn't sure where they came from. Sure enough, while unpacking my bag of clothing, I found a bed bug crawling around. I had stayed in no other hotels recently and was working outside so I would not have come in contact with them anywhere else. When I called the hotel back

to tell them they have bed bugs they just tried to claim I must have gotten them from somewhere else. I'm completely appalled. They seemed very nice and helpful while I was there, but that changed quickly.

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Stayed there while on business for 2 weeks noticed bites after a week. The hotel moved me out I my room. They said there were broken pipes next door. Found a bedbug crawling across me in the next room. Contacted the office and yet sent a maintenance man. He confirmed that they were bedbugs and said they had found them in my old room, funny thing is he didnt realize that ineas just moved out of that room for supposedly having briken pipes.The hotel called an exterminator. I checked out and steril

ized all of my belongings. Completely disgusted by the bugs and the response by the hotel. I posted my experience on all the hotel advisory sites

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