Travelodge Anaheim International Inn
2060 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA

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I checked in on 2/25/15 and quickly checked out at 12:50 a.m. the next night! Came back to room 331 late and prepared to go to bed when I noticed bedbugs running across the night stand. They were coming out o the night stand. While inspecting the mattress, which was covered with rust stains (bedbug stains) I was shocked to find a hypodermic needle filled with drugs under the mattress I was sleeping on! Needless to say I checked out of this slum. Follow up with management, was told a pest control

company checked the room and found no bedbugs. Room checked in the a.m. when bedbugs are not active! I have pictures of bedbugs on the night stand to prove it!!!

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We last traveled between Feb 27th and March 1st 2014. Have stayed only at this hotel in the previous year, as we are Disneyland annual passholders. Within days after returning from our last trip,I broke out in bedbug bites (the first set was likely bites that I received AT the hotel). One month later,we have been "diagnosed" with bed bugs...a small infestation that we caught quickly :) Anyways, knowing that we have only stayed at this one hotel multiple times,that our last trip was just before t

he "outbreak", and not having overnight guests sleep in our home...the source is pretty easy to figure out.

We were not practicing traveler's bedbug prevention (our mistake). I am aware this hotel has both renovated and non-renovated rooms. During our prior trips, we had stayed in renovated rooms...the last trip was an older room...maybe only certain rooms will have problems?

Just to be fair, we didn't search for or find any bedbugs in the hotel (the problem was only known after we returned home)

Contacted Travelodge simply to inform them of the problem. They don't have a protocol for handling bed bug reports, and suggested "maybe"I "could" contact the general manager of the individual hotel. I am going to do that today, and I'll give an update later.
I will also call the local health department to report.

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We checked in for a family vacation the 19 of July of 2011 by the 21 I started with itches while in Disneyland at night I checked the bed and we found a bed bug and reported it imediately they changed our room and I was told I would get a refund. At the moment they have not done anything and disregard my issue. Not only I got multiple bites through out both arms but also my husband has them. We slept in the same matress, contrar to my son and nephew who are ok. The hotel is Travelodge internati

onal inn in harbor street Anaheim California. This is anoying and definately disturbed my vacations enormously. By the way there was also. Blood stain in the sheet which show they have no standards for hygene.

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