Super 8 Motel
415 W Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA

Found 2 reports:

6/14/14 checked in very late, pulled the covers back and a bed bug crawled across the sheet. We immediately left.

Last day of our trip to Disney and my daughter came into my room (had 2 connecting)and told me that something had bitten her during the nite. She showed me her arm, neck and face. Went to her bed and I saw blood, a flat type of bug (which was probably squished). Found another dead one under the sheets in the corner of the mattress. She didn't have any problems before this nite. She opted not to have her room cleaned for the 3 nites we were there, maybe that had something to do with these cr

itters showing up, don't know. The other bed with my granddaughter in it was ok, so was mine. I did check it out before I slept on it. Just stinks that this had to happen. Sorry to put this on this website, it's like the kiss of death for a hotel/motel. The room that this occured in was Room 124. Bed bugs are so widespread now I am now afraid to stay in a hotel anymore. The day we checked in was 3/13/11 and we checked out 3/16/11, the day we discovered them. Immediately upon returning home to AZ, threw all clothes in the wash. Hope none followed us back home!!

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