Rodeway Inn
2784 W Lincoln Ave
Anaheim, CA 99999

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We stayed there in December 2009. The room I stayed in had two beds and myself and my child were bit in both beds. Didn't know what had bit us, thought it could be mosquitos so we didn't notify mgmt at the time. By the time we got back to our home in Nevada, the bites were starting to itch us like crazy and my childs itching was so severe that she was taken to the emergency room. That's where we were told it was bedbug bites. Hotel manager was not cooperative when we notified them and complained

to us about the expense they would incur to clean room, as if it were OUR fault! They told us we should have told them before we checked out, as if we'd stayed in other hotels with bedbugs and knew what the bites were supposed to look like! I still have the tell-tale scars on my body as a reminder of those nasty bugs crawling on me.

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