Riviera Motel at Disneyland Park
410 W Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA

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I stayed there one time. It was filthy and my wife found a crack pipe in the bathroom in the toilet paper roll. It was a few years ago maybe they cleaned it up but I doubt it.


Checked In on Friday 6/21. Next day woke up with a few red marks. At first thought it was Mosquitos but the next day I woke up with more and more. I have a straight line of bites in my arm and woke up with a bite in my ear. The ear swelled up to the point which looked like cauliflower and I could barely hear. The following morning woke up with more. I complained to the manager and his wife, all he did was go inside and looked at the sheets, wouldn't answer my question on when

was the last time he inspected for bugs and spiders. He told me when I check out he would have the maintenance guy inspect but if he can't find nothing it is out of his hands. I took pictures of all my bites. Room 208 and I slept on the far side by the bathroom side. Occasion for staying was for a volleyball tournament which I coach a team.

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I stayed in room 205 on 1/2/13-1/5/13 and when i woke up on the 6th i had a cluster of red bumps on my arm. Then a day later I had more bumps on my other arm. Now today when I woke up, there were 3 bumps in a straight line on my foot. I know these are bed bugs because 5 years ago I had unknowingly brought these home from a NYC trip and dealt with constant bites for 6 months before we realized we had bed bugs. I can only assume that the Riviera Motel is the most recent place I could have gott

en the bed bugs and now they are in my home and I have to go through this all over again.....

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We stayed at this hotel 9/13 and 9/14. On 9/14 I noticed some bites, but figured they were mosquito bites as we'd been outside all day. On Saturday 9/15 I woke up completely covered in bites on my arms, legs, hands, and feet. I had never experienced bedbugs and had no idea what they were so I promptly headed to the pharmacy for cortisone and antihistamines. My friends only had a few bites each, so I think I stayed in the bed with the worst problem. I was also on my way to a wedding, so had to go

out and buy a long dress and sweater that would cover the horrible looking bites.

Finally when I got home and saw a nurse, I realized the bites were definitely bedbugs. They were in straight lines, and my friend (who stayed at the Riviera with me) unfortunately took them home and now has them in his house.

The worst part of this is that neither Hotels.com (through whom we made the reservation) or the motel itself will refund our money. This has been a huge nightmare and the least they could do would be to give us back our money. It will cost my friend hundreds of dollars to fumigate his home.

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