Ramada Limited Maingate N Disney
921 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA

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I stayed at this hotel in March 2010. The next morning I felt itchy bumps on my skin. I also went to the doctor because I was unsure of what was happening the doctor told me that I had been bitten by bedbugs. They got on my luggage and I found one at home. This is disgusting.

I worked at this hotel for about 8 months and yes it is infested, with bed bugs and roaches...The owners and management don't care at all, as long as they get your money and get you out the door...

I stayed at the Ramada Limited Maingate North during my spring break vacation at Disneyland. The first night in the bed there I experienced intense itching and found a sandy material in the sheets which I later learned was bed bug fecal matter. I refused stay the second night so my friend and I went to another hotel and I thought I was safe. Unfortunately the bed bugs got into my luggage, car, and finally my home where we've been battling them for 4 long months. The hotel refuses to recognize t

he situation and has dismissed any complaints or allegations. I highly reccommend that travelers please look elsewhere when planning a trip to Disneyland because Ramada Limited Maingate North is INFESTED!I stayed in Rm. 206 which was dirty and old...the bathtub drain wouldn't even drain properly because it was so full of debris.

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