Park Vue Inn
1570 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA

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We stayed for 3 nights in December 2014. My husband woke with a bite in his leg. Being unfamiliar with bed bites, we assumed it was a mosquito or spider bite. Never really searched the room. Unfortunately we brought them home to NY. My husband was misdiagnosed by 2 doctors as having contact dermatitis because of his adverse reaction to the bites, we didn't realize we have s problem until our room was fully infested. It cost us $8,000 yo have our home & cars exterminated. We will never go t

o a hotel again & not throughly inspect the room

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We stayed in a family suite at this hotel and a found a bug climbing up the wall on about the 5th night of our stay. I wasn't familiar with bed bugs and thought it might be a roach. When we got home, bites started appearing on our children. The school nurse thought they looked like bed bug bites. I did some research and when I saw a picture of one online, I immediately recognized it from the hotel wall. I contacted the hotel immediately, but never got a response. Of course, it was too late f

or me. We had brought them home and faced the immense task of ridding our house and vehicles of the terrible critters. This stay was in January 2010.

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Our family arrived on Nov 8, 2014 and we checked for any evidence for bed bugs before settling into the room. We found one a bug between the fitted sheet and mattress encasement. We immediately alerted the management and they gave us a full refund on our planned 3night stay without any hassle. They went into the room with four staff personnel as we were leaving.

Me and my family stayed at this hotel in July of 2013 for 3 nights for the convenience. We immediately noticed that the carpet in the room was damp and had been shampooed. We thought that it may have been because the hotel had a very clean, no tolerance policy. Every night I was itchy but I didn't think anything until I was playing online poker on my phone, and noticed somehing crawling across my screen. I showed my wife and killed the bug which had blood inside of it, and it all came together a

t that point for me. The room we stayed in most likely had been reported for the bed bugs, they cleaned it shampooed the carpets, and let us stay in it. Ridiculous I will never stay there again, and if you are thinking about it STAY AWAY!!

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November 2012 stayed at the Park Vue Inn. Family now covered in Bed Bug Bites

Found a single bedbug in the bed in the middle of the night. Reported to manager who refunded half of the night's stay and offered to move us to a different room.

I stayed in one of their "suites" and came home with plenty of bites. I went to the front desk to get an answer and the first thing that came out their supervisors mouth was oh we will be giving you a discount. I know she knew there was bed bugs in this room she didnt even look alarmed. She offered me to move rooms to a sandard room. If there suite was infected what makes me think their standard room isn't.

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