Howard Johnson Hotel Anaheim Resort Anaheim
1380 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, Ca 92802 (at Manchester)
Anaheim, CA

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We stayed at the hotel two weeks ago and inside one of the pillowcases was a bedbug. We didn’t realize it til’ we got home.

We stayed at the Howard Johnson hotel 2 weeks ago. On one of the pillows there was a red dead bedbug.

14Feb2014 - My mother found several red seed-looking things on her bed that released blood when squished. She left a note with housekeeping, and when she returned she found a letter saying that the room was contaminated with bedbugs. She was told that she would need to vacate the room and that all of her clothes, luggage, electronics and other belongings would need to be treated. She also had seen several mattresses being brought through the hotel the day earlier. Unfortunately, we had checked T

he Bedbug Registry prior to booking and didn't see any earlier warnings.

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