Holiday Inn Anaheim-Resort Area Hotel
1915 S Manchester Ave
Anaheim, CA 92802-3802

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This happened a while ago, end of November, back in 2012. I was young and didn't even know what bed bugs were back then. We moved rooms as soon as we got there because we noticed our sheets were dirty. A few nights later, I was sitting watching tv for a few hours then went to the washroom. I looked down to see a bug on my arm. I just thought it was a small beetle maybe and didn't worry. Both my friend and I started getting incredibly itchy red spots on our backs but still thought nothing of it.

After I got home from my trip I googled bed bugs and the pictures I saw were exactly like the bug I found on my arm at this hotel. I had red spots all over my body by the time I got home. Luckily none came back with me.

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My daughter and son stayed at Holiday Inn, Garden Grove, with their grandparents for Thanksgiving weekend. They found a few bed bugs on the sheets in the morning. I am freaking out now because I do not want them to bring any home. The hotel switched them to another room, but I bet there are other rooms infested. This is not right.

I was out here in Anaheim for a customers dealer show at the convention center. This Holiday Inn was on my customers list of recommended hotels. On awaking after the first morning I had three bites on the right side of my face. Being 50 years old, and not ever have acne or skin problems was in not sure what was happening. I only had bites on my face. Not really realizing what was happening I slept another night in the room. The next morning I had 12 more bites on my arms and legs. Now I kn

ew there was either a flea problem or bed bugs. Told the front desk who moved me to the room next door. They checked the room and confirmed to me they found dead bed bugs. I demanded they clean all my clothes which they did. They gave me one free night off my bill. They kept everything low profile and did not want the other guest to hear what I had to say. To me they did not seem to act like it was a serious situation. Stay clear of this hotel, sure they have more rooms with bedbugs. I checked out the next morning

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