Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland Resort
1460 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA

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Loved how close it was to Disneyland, hated that it came at the expense of having to deal with BED BUGS BED BUGS BED BUGS, and a staff ready and trained to cover it up and keep it quiet from other customers!!!

On Sept 6th in the evening, our family (2 adults 2 toddlers 1 infant) arrived at the Fairfield Inn Disneyland Resort to celebrate our daughter’s 1st Birthday the next day at the Disneyland Park. As I prepared the 1 of the 2 beds for our toddlers to sleep in, I found a small black bug

crawling across one of the pillows. I immediately wrapped the bug in small white hand towel and showed it to the Front Desk Supervisor to witness this bed bug that was crawling on our beds. To my surprise, the Supervisor began denying that this was a bed bug and make various excuses of how being in a 1st floor room this could have been a bug as a result of recent tree trimming and lawncare done around the hotel. He quickly took the hand towel off the counter and said he would have someone come and confirm that this wasn’t a bed bug. Minutes later, a Loss Prevention Security Guard shows up and takes the hand towel away. We were immediately given a room upgrade (Toy Story Themed for the kids) and had to move from the 1st floor to the 7th floor, so at 1am I had to pack up all of our stuff and haul it up to the new room. After a few minutes of being settled into the new room, one of my kids starts complaining of itching, I ignored the comments and sent them to bed as I assumed it was just in their little minds from seeing the bug in the last room; I should have known better!!

Sept 7th, 6:30am we wake up and as I roll one of my 2 kids out of bed to start our birthday celebration day at Disneyland for our infant, I see another couple of bed bugs on the pillows and linens… I quickly pulled both of my kids out of the bed and started stripping the linens and found bigger bed bugs rolled within the folds of the linens. I call management immediately and they sent 2 Loss Prevention Security Guards, Head of House Keeping and the Director of Services to my room while my family is waking up, absorbing the incident and trying to get dressed in order to make our morning celebration reservations at Disneyland. As all of the staff was arriving to our room and the Director of Services was commenting to my family how these could not be bed bugs, one of my guests and I pull the mattress off the bed and removed the box spring sham where my children had slept, and more than a 10 or 12 big bed bugs and a bunch of smaller ones were crawling back and forth. My kids had visible bites and areas where they had been scratching intensively. My thought, with all the knowledge, research, statistics and cautions related to bed bugs in NYC, San Fran and LA, NO BED BUG BITES should ever occur, especially at a Marriott and especially the Marriott Disneyland Resort!! And if a bed bug incident does occur or is reported, the staff should respond with all their effort to prevent other incidents such as moving or warning the entire floor directly impacted and those above and below as well, instead of DENY DENY DENY!! Up to our date of departure, I did see the room closed off where the incident occurred, but no caution, warnings or notices posted informing other customers in the nearby area to be aware of this infestation. I really hope someone else didn't go home with these BED BUGS after or before us!!

I hope this is not what Marriott means by providing customers the “Royal Treatment.” Needless to say, a very hectic and emotion filled morning that ruined our entire vacation and celebration before they even started due to the domino effect!

I must add, the staff did try to make us as comfortable as possible after that… but what could one expect especially after a Marriott brand and reputation damaging incident like this.

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