Disneys Grand Californian Hotel
1600 S Disneyland Dr
Anaheim, CA

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My wife and I have stayed at this hotel many times and have NEVER EVER had a problem with bed bugs. Not one bite from anything. spider bugs nothing.... you people who are just plain hypochondriacs or you got bit by mosquitos in the park area. we just don't have any issues at all with any problems at all at this resort. our rooms have been clean and up to par. we have been going to this hotel since it was built.

Stayed 2 nights at the Best Western Plus Anaheim on 1630 S. Harbor. On both nights two of us were woken up bitten by apparently bed bugs. In the morning we checked mattress and found nothing but what appeared to be a casing of a bug. The headboard was attached to wall and we were suspicious but couldn't check behind. One of the pillows had a small dried blood stain. Reported issue twice to front desk. They didn't think they had bed bugs and said they currently have a company fumigate every room

once a week as they had had them in the past. A maid was actually not surprised at all when we mentioned it. After we left, GM communicated she had the room "scoured" and nothing was found. We just wanted to make sure no one else is affected. It is well known how hard it can be to spot bed bugs during the day in some locations plus all the wood furniture and every little crack. The rooms seem so cluttered and have way too many hideouts including many crevices, dark upholstery, etc. We took measures to not bring any possible infestation with us, which was beyond inconvenient and stressful.

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Stayed Sat Jun 8 to Thu Jun 13th in room 3309, a fantastic courtyard monorail view. On Jun 9 my sister, who slept in the bed closest to balcony, had itchy bites high up on left thigh. Unusual area as wears capris during the day. Noticed 3 bites Mon on left arm after swimming and another cluster Wed on right breast, which was covered except for shower/sleep. That was disturbing. Talked with guest services and they sent one of their nurses who agreed were bites from _something_ and was going to fi

le a report. We just wanted to make sure the room was clean for future guests.

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Stayed Sat Jun 8 to Thu Jun 13th in room 3309, a fantastic courtyard monorail view. On Jun 9 my sister, who slept in bed closed to balcony, had itchy bites high up on left thigh. Unusual area as wears capris during the day. 3 bites appeared Monday on left arm and another cluster on Wed in an area that was covered except for shower/sleep. Talked with guest services and they sent one of their nurses who agreed were bites from _something_.

I stayed there ~3 weeks ago and came home, noticing bites all over me. I looked at my bed and it was completely infested and now our whole house needs to be exterminated, which will cost $4,000. This hotel has been infested with bed bugs since at least 2006 and it is absolutely disgusting.

We stayed for 2 nights at the Grand Californian in July 2012. The first night only my husband was bitten, my the second night all 4 of us had bites. Mine being the worst, I went to the dermatologist to be certain and absolutely they were bed bug bites. We had to quarantine our luggage for 2 weeks and treated everything in them. Luckily we never brought them into our house but still we were on the look out for them for weeks after returning home. It was a VERY expensive 2 night stay and I was tho

roughly disgusted that they allow this infestation to continue. Typical Disney fashion they deny that they have a bed bug problem..maybe a class action lawsuit against them might open their eyes but yes, they do have deep pockets in which to fight off legitimate claims from their loyal customers. Save the extra expense and stay off site.

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We stayed at the Grand Californian 1/28/11-1/30/11. My daughter and I received a few bites while there but didn't think much of it. After we got home we were bitten more and more, always at night. After 4 days I had nearly 100 bites. We called an exterminator and they found signs of a new bedbug infestation. I am certain they hitched a ride home with us because there were no signs of an old infestation and we were never bitten before. It cost me $930 to exterminate. I filed a claim and, i

n usual Disney fashion, they denied everything. They claimed they "scoured" our room for any sign of bedbugs and found none. Funny that a Disney employee found no sign of bedbugs. I wonder what an unbiased person would have found? I tried to find an attorney but nobody wants to take on Disney for such a small amount. So my already expensive vacation became $930 more expensive. I am disgusted that bedbugs are there and that Disney is covering it up.

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Bed bugs in room 4344!!! Disney has to take responsibility for their bed bugs. We stayed there in January 2012. Within 5 days of coming home, we had bed bug bites. After 2-3 weeks 20+. They were in our head board and sofas in the living room. They are very hard to find. We had a professional bed bug company out for an inspection and found them. Since we acted quickly, we did not have a big infestation, but one female is all it takes to start the cycle. We had two heat treatments and hoping they

are gone. Disney said the room was inspected and found nothing. After checking around we found this is the story they tell most who complain about bed bugs. First of all, they only come out at night and are very good hiders which makes them very difficult to find. I doubt if they had inspectors looking between 2-5 am. We spent over $5,000, not including time off work. Our lives have been turned upside down. It has been a nightmare. We still cannot sleep comfortably and will never get over this. If we do not get reimbursed for the out-of-pocket exps we will take them to small claims court.

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We stayed in Room 3149 for two nights starting June 2, 2011. A week later back home, I was awake at 4:00 in the morning and found a bed bug trying to snuggle up with me. I don't think he bit anyone and I'm hoping he didn't bring friends along for the ride. Had no idea these little bugs were such vampires.

A few days after returning from our trip we found a bed bug in our bed at home. We think it is possible it hitched a ride in our luggage and into our bedroom (which I've read is a typical way they get into your house). Obviously this could just be a coincidence, but until our trip, we had not seen bed bugs or their bites before our trip. The hotel is pretty awesome though. Next time we'll make sure to keep our luggage closed and clothes off the floor.

I stayed in room 2221 from 5/4-5/8. I had 7-8 bites on the right leg.

We stayed at this hotel from Aril 14-17th 2011 with our dance team of 30+

Seven people including my daughter had bed bug bites.

We reported this to the hotel and they said none of the rooms had bed bugs. I find that hard to believe!!

I stayed there from September 21-26 and came home with a few bites. Within a week, I was covered in over 200 bites. I went to the dermatologist not sure what was going on and he diagnosed it right away as bed bug bites. I contacted Disney to let them know but they were in denial that they could have a bed bug issue. My room was #3503.

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