Disneyland Resort
700 W Ball Rd
Anaheim, CA

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We stayed at Disney Grand Ca hotel from April 14 -17th 2011 with my daughters dance team of 20 + girls & families. So far 7 girls and 1 family member have reported bed bug bites. We contacted Disney Ca Grand directly to report the bites. We were in no way rude or obnoxious about this, nor did we ask for any type of refund. We asked that Disney own the problem and take care of the problem. We have been told they checked all the rooms. No bed bugs were found. We find it absolutely amazing tha

t so many kids have been affected by this and they still refuse to accept responsibility. We understand this is not something they have control of. It happens, but Disney needs to accept the problem and deal with it. STOP denying it and be more diligent and proactive about it. We have stayed at this hotel & other Disney hotels several times without incident. But due to the way Disney is handling this I can’t say I'd stay at any of their hotels in the future. We stayed on rooms 3305, 3307 & 3309.

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I stayed at Disneyland hotel November 2010 and was awacken with burning and itching on my legs. When I awoke my legs and had patches of raised rash it got worse and I went and took some benadrille thinking it was an allergy of somekind. At checkout I mentioned it to the front desk staff, they look surprised; and let me know that I could have seen the Resort Nurse but since we checked out that was not availble to me. After getting home and researching the type of rash and severe redness, I knew i

t was bed bites.
I was so upset since the hotel is expensive. I found the room to be average the hall ways were not clean and the pool is being renovated along with the one of the towers. The only real benefit is being able to walk to the enterance. Bedbugs included.

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My wife was bitten on September 10th in the Captain EO Theater in Disneyland. She felt something crawling on her, and we got home, both legs had bites on the calves. We have photos. We contacted Disneyland customer service by e-mail but got no response.

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