Disneyland Hotel
1150 W Magic Way
Anaheim, CA

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There are many attorneys that will take your cases on bed bugs. Make some money and teach them a lesson.

10th floor Adventure Tower night of 4/13/15. Three adjacent bites on my arm. I haven't bothered to report it to the hotel.

Stayed on 2-4 through 2-7. Adventure Tower and was assaulted by at least 50 bites by bed bugs. Have the pics to prove. Actually brought a bug down to the concierge and he said he didn't think it looked like a bed bug...nice. thanks a lot. Do not stay. Ay Disneyland Hotel

I had a very non-magical experience at the Disneyland Hotel.
I was on a family trip and I stayed in the suite on a cot. The first night, I go there I got bites and could not stop itching until I got home. Never leave your bag on the carpet or near your cot. I contacted the claim dept to let them know the room and cot had bed bugs. They denied that Disney had Bed Bugs and was very cold on the phone. Also to contact the airlines. My family will never go to Disney California a

gain. BE AWARE !!!!!!!

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Brother has over 24 bites from our stay in a suite at the Grand Californian. Called the hotel to let them know as my brother was concerned that a child would get bit. The lady I spoke with after being transferred three times was rude and cold. I was given the option to file a claim but she wouldn't elaborate on what that meant. Not once did she ask how my brother was doing. He has bites on his head and face as well. I was kind but that changed quickly with how rude she was to a guest at her hote

l who paid over $1000/night to stay there. Not acceptable! I won't dare tell my mom who we took there to celebrate her 60th birthday. She had such an amazing time.

To top it off, they won't even talk to me about the claim, only my brother. I was the one who reserved and paid for the room. Total crap, "Crappiest Place on Earth."

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Stayed at the Disneyland Hotel the week of 4/15/2013 for spring break with the kids. Found a dead bed bug pressed into the sheets after the room had been made up on out second day. The bed bug was dead, but I took off the sheets and searched the matress all around and found nothing. Both beds were bed bug free as far as I could tell and we didn't get any bites. The dead bed bug tells me though that they are in the hotel, so make sure you search the beds.

I'm writing to correct the report I filed on July 11 about bedbugs in the Disneyland Hotel. What I thought were bedbug bites had a different cause completely unrelated to the Disneyland Hotel. I apologize for the mistake.

I was bitten by bedbugs over the July 4th (2012) weekend in a room on the 7th floor of the Adventure Tower.

Stayed at Disneyland Hotel June 22nd. Husband kept itching next day. He had a large raised rash on back. Never occurred to me that it was bed bugs til he got home and saw a doctor. Now that swelling is down and he is healing, bites are more defined and I can see 3 bites in a row. Such a shame, contacting Disney!

30-31st of June, 2012

Either it was flea bites or bedbug bites. Small cluster of bites, very itchy, on right side of waist.

Went to the reception to ask for a new room, but as they were fully-booked they said I had to stay in the same room for the next night :(

Horrible experience! I had to buy myself a anti-histamine gel at their shop. Will not stay here again.

I stayed at Disneyland hotel November 2010 and was awacken with burning and itching on my legs. When I awoke my legs and had patches of raised rash it got worse and I went and took some benadrille thinking it was an allergy of somekind. At checkout I mentioned it to the front desk staff, they look surprised; and let me know that I could have seen the Resort Nurse but since we checked out that was not availble to me. After getting home and researching the type of rash and severe redness, I knew i

t was bed bites.
I was so upset since the hotel is expensive. I found the room to be average the hall ways were not clean and the pool is being renovated along with the one of the towers. The only real benefit is being able to walk to the enterance. Bedbugs included.


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