Days Inn Disneyland at the Park
1111 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805-5543

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Stayed at this hotel Dec 2014 noticed a few bumps when i got home and thought it was an allergy or something but then started getting worse and getting burning welts. I googled it and it looks exactly like bed bug bites. I have never experienced bed bugs so hoping none came home with us but treating like they did just in case. Do not stay at this hotel!

We checked in in Sept 11, 2014through Sep 14, 2014. Our daughter woke up with dozen of bites the first morning. I didn't know anything about bed bugs before we checked in and because the spots kept appearing through out the day, I assumed it was a rash. Bed Bug bites can take days to appear. By the time we checked out, she had over a hundred and I had a dozen. She ended up in Urgent care before we realzied what had happened. 5 Days after we got home, I caught a bed bug on my bed. We are n

ow in the process of treating our entire house. I feel so silly for not realizing what happened until it was too late.

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Checked in on Monday 09-01-2014 with two rooms reserved. We are working in Anaheim and this is our second weekly stay at this hotel this month.

My son called me telling me he had red welts all over his body. I had him look at the bed liner and sure enough, there they were! Lots of little BED BUGS.

The hotel manager acted like he didn't know what we were talking about and is in complete denial.

Our booking agent "Priceline" for the first time accommodated us and refunded us for the rema

inder of our stay.

Needless to say, we will be moving to another hotel. We are going to set our bags in the truck windshield for the day and hopefully the heat will kill off any of the stragglers.

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We checked in on 6/18 and 19/ 2013 for two rooms #214 and 215. Room 215 was infested with bed bugs. My sons was bit up pretty bad from the bed bugs after the second night. We didn't realize it was bed bug bites until they welted up and we noticed the bites were Iin a row up his arm. we informed Days Inn Corporate and of course the front office but they denied it was bed bites and instead said it was lint!! So we took pictures of the live bugs we found on the sheets and mattress to show them an

d document. Stay away from this disgusting hotel with its bugs!!!!

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