America Best Value Inn & Suites at the Park/Conven
425 W Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA 92802-3607

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The friend i had been staying with experienced itchiness and bites while staying the first two nights but didnt find any bed bugs until the third morning, crawling along her pillow. 11/5/15-11/8/15

******* BED BUGS *******
This is the WORST hotel I have EVER stayed at. First let me say that yes the location is GREAT and in walking distance to everything. That is really the ONLY positive thing I have to say about this hotel.
We stayed there for Blizzcon 2015. The first night I felt like I had several bites on my legs out of nowhere but being Florida grown I shrugged it off. The bites got progressively worse the next night and when I awoke the next morning I saw the bed bug crawling on my

pillow!!! I have bites on my legs, arms, back and stomach!!! The owner didn't even come see us his receptionist handled it. They upgraded us to the suite or they would give us ONE night's money back. ONE!!! Oh and we would have to go find another hotel to stay at!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We decided to stay the last night because let's face it we had no choice.
The rooms (both) were run down and gross. There were holes in the walls, the carpet was beyond disgusting, the walls were painted about as good as if my 6 year old (who thankfully wasn't on this trip) could do and the caulking started to mold. I am almost tempted to call the health department and report this hotel.
I have pictures of EVERYTHING ... INCLUDING THE BED BUGS!!! I will NEVER use this hotel nor any with this company period. Spend the extra money and save yourself the trouble.

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