Anaheim, CA

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We stayed the night at the Anaheim Hilton on Friday October 5. The rooms were very nice and clean. I didn't think to look for any Bedbugs. I woke up the next day with bedbug marks on my arms, torso, and I googled bedbugs and they look just like the images oƱline. The Hilton is investigating.

It happened to me at the Hilton Anaheim Hotel. I checked in on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning house keeping found several bed bugs in my mattress seams. They were hard to see at first until they pointed them out. They took all of my close and placed them in a incubator machine that heated to 130 degrees. They then had them dry cleaned. I was immediately moved to another room. I'm not sure how they treated my room for the bed bugs.

It was an inconvenience but they handled it in a professiona

l manner. They also gave me a $75 voucher to use on property. I guess it can happen at any hotel. My recommendation is to check thoroughly upon check-in. If you have any reservations have house keeping strip the sheets or ask for another room.

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