Super 8 Vancouver
725 SE Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC V5X2T9

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Dec 26 2015, my 7 year old son had two bed bug bites after just a few hrs of lying in the bed in room 518. We pulled off the sheets and found brown smears (may be evidence of bug excrement) on the cloth edge of the lower mattress and a few other spots. Luckily all suitcases were off the ground but we closed them asap, shook out clothes and left immediately (it was late). We went on this website and saw the warnings. We do not want an infestation in our house. My son was totally frightened and st

ood shaking in the bathroom under bright lights while we packed.

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We stayed in room 602, and to our surprise killed 2 of those bugs and got bitten. We were disgusted, we brought the dead bugs to the manager who then offered 50% off the room in compensation.

stayed July 12, 2015. We had room 510, 511 & 512. Turns out both 510 & 511 are infested. Both myself & my daughter are covered in bites. I had an allergic reaction and have been on antibiotics since. We called, they are "investigating". Of course they have not followed up. Avoid this place.

Stayed there from May 1-9th. I was on the 4th floor. For most of my stay, I had no issues in my room until I made the mistake of sitting on the chair in front of the elevator for 10-15 in two days in a row. The first days, I ended up with a bug bite on my butt but I didn't realize it was a bed bug bite right away.

The morning after the second instance of sitting on the chair, I woke up with two bites on two fingers. Then I started worrying. Looked at pictures of bed bug bites and it's defini

tely what I have. I'm going home but I'm going to research how to prevent infesting my own house too.

Was checking TripAdvisor reviews and some posted pictures of their bed bugs, so it's not just me!!

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Stayed at this hotel on May 1st and 2nd 2015 on the 6th floor, there were several bugs in the room but none near the bed. I have returned home to find that my belongings were infested and now my whole house is.

October 16 2014 we found room 514 has bedbugs. At first I thought it was a bug of another kind but just before falling asleep I could feel them on me. I got out of bed and saw them on the sheet. When my husband killed them it was obvious they had been biting me as they were engourged with blood.
The woman at the desk offered us our money back or a different room. As it was almost midnight we chose a different room. If we find them in this room we will report back to you.

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