Super 8
1688 S Riley Ave
Yuma, AZ 85365-2009

Found 4 reports:

I stayed in room 110 on Thursday , March 19' 2015 . Woke feeling itchy but bumps did not start until later in the day. By that evening, Friday, my hands fingers, arms, and legs were covered in huge itchy welts. Found out they were bed bug bites. Have been to the doctor and and got medication, but the bites are SO itchy I can hardly stand it. It has been almost a week, and the welts are still there and terribly itchy. Having trouble sleeping at night.

My husband stayed at this hotel in the end of February, 2014. We don't know how many bed bugs were in the bed, but he was covered COVERED with bites. 100s of bites. It was terrible. He actually felt sick for about a week.

The room that he stayed in was #114.

Have a friend who stayed there and encountered bed bugs, bites on legs and back.

My husband stayed there February 20th and 21st. He came home and had bite like spots all over his body. Our doctor took a punch biopsy and just called to say it came from a bedbug. Luckily my husband is paranoid about motels and put his luggage, clothing, and even shoes, on the chair. Hopefully he did not bring any home, but we will be checking for some time. This is a disgusting experience!

If they want to know the specific room, it was rented by Don Harrison for Hawkins Electric.

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