Fairfield Inn-Grand Canyon
1029 N Grand Canyon Blvd
Williams, AZ 86046-2073

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This hotel/motel is now a Quality Inn (AZ365)
and thought that we were going to have a good experience. Great location, friendly front desk person and the price was great!!! We were given Room 1108.

As a retired Apartment Manager I had been trained through the Apartment Association on how to check hotels and apartments for bedbugs. Before my husband and I settle in any hotel or motel we check the mattress/box springs, etc..etc.. for any signs of bedbugs. In this situation the mattresses

were fairly new but the box springs were old. They appeared to be free from any signs of bedbugs but there was a stain on the wall above the headboard that looked like it could be from bedbugs. Because the mattresses seemed to be ok we decided to take the room.

While we were setting up our laptops and settling in for the evening I walked around to the far side of the bed and discovered a small bug on the sheet. I looked at it closely and saw that I WAS A BED BUG!! I killed it and took it to the front desk. Asked if they had any problems with bedbugs and she said they had but sprayed for them and didn't have them anymore. I showed her the bug and told her that she needed to tell the owner or her manager because THE ONLY WAY TO GET RID OF THEM IS TO USE THE HEAT TREATMENT.

We didn't stay the night in that room or in that hotel. We found something else.

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