Best Western
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Tucson, AZ 85704-5409

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May, 2010: Room 151. We checked in late in the evening, around 10pm. Hubby went to sleep, I stayed up reading. Finally around 2am I reached to turn out my light and looked down at the sheets by my pillow : dozens of pinhead sized tan/rust tiny bugs swarming all over the sheet! I jumped up and pickedup my pillow to look, and two large dark bedbugs fell out of the pillowcase. I swatted them and the tiny ones with my magazine, which left bloody smears on the sheet! I woke up my husband who was i

n the other bed in a panic, and he looked at this and then called the Front Desk immediately, telling them we had bedbugs and demanding to speak to the Manager. He was told there was no manager on duty that night (?!?). He said he was coming up there and we were leaving immediately. We didn't find any in his bed, but they were in mine, the bed closest to the bathroom. While i showered and washed my hair repeatedly, he went to the desk, and they had pulled up "bedbugs" on their computer, and asked him if this was what we saw. He agreed. They said they were surprised, they never had any reports before. He got a refund on our room, picked me and our luggage up, and we stopped back at the desk because I wanted to tell them what I saw. They showed me the bedbug pics, and they were exactly what I had seen. They apologized profusely, and offered to have the manager send us a voucher for a free room.. . . . never heard back from them at all!! I do see that the Flamingo is on this bedbug list, and they are next door to this Best Western, on the south.

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