Sleep Inn Show Low
1751 W Deuce Of Clubs
Show Low, AZ 85901-6782
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As the reservation coordinator for Banner Health, I will be sure NOT to reserve ANY rooms at this establishment in the future. I dont put up with inproper customer service. Thanks for the info!

I stayed two nights in room 211 on Tuesday, August 24 and Wednesday, August 25, 2010. The first night I was awakened by the pain of a large insect bite on my back. I remembered reading about the rise of bed bug infestations across the globe on Yahoo! earlier this year, and got out of the bed to check the sheets, covers and the area under the bed skirt, but didn't see anything.

The rest of the night I kept worrying about bed bugs, but because I'd had the window open to air out the heavy "per

fumey" cleaning smells, I kept thinking I'd experienced a more typical kind of insect bite (e.g., mosquito).

The second night, I wasn't asleep very long when I began being bitten around my neck. This time, after checking the sheets and covers, I saw a tell-tale blood spot on the sheet, then an adult bed bug motoring along full of my blood.

I grabbed one of the coffee cups the hotel supplied and pushed the bug into it, along with the blood clot from the sheet. Before I finished collecting those, another smaller bug scurried along the pillow and I pushed him into the cup, too. I took the cup down to the front desk and showed the bugs to the desk clerk. She immediately began scratching her head. When I showed her the huge welt on my abdomen, she scratched more vigorously, apologized profusely, gave me the keys to a new room and suggested I speak to the hotel manager the next morning at 7 a.m.

The next morning I requested a refund for the two nights of lost sleep and the trouble I would have to deal with in isolating/cleaning everything to prevent bug infestation in my home when I returned from my travel (been home now four hours and am still cleaning). She insisted that the bugs in the cup had been FLEAS, that she had 10 years of hotel management experience and "knew fleas", and that the White Mountains area is prone to fleas.

She refunded only one night of my stay, and was hesitant to do that. She did not apologize for my inconvenience and was content to act like I was misinformed about the bugs I'd captured and researched on the Internet. She did give me three garbage bags, at my request, so that I could wrap up my luggage and try to keep my co-worker's luggage from getting exposed as we traveled in our rental car the next three days.

Having lived 15 years in the White Mountains, I know there is no "flea problem" in that region of Arizona. Three days later, I am covered in welts, disgusted and disappointed about encountering the bugs and being treated so poorly. Fortunately, the swelling of my lower lip dissipated before I had to present my workshops to the public or it would have been an even more humiliating experience.

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