Super 8 Sedona
2545 W Highway 89a
Sedona, AZ 86336-5235

Found 3 reports:

If you take the reports seriously, then why don't you refund this poor guy's money?

If you get served a meal at a restaurant that has a bug in it, they won't charge you full price for it. How is this different? You charged someone full price to sleep in a bed filled with bugs? Sounds like pretty awful customer service to me.

From Hotel Manager
We did find a few small bugs in the room after this guest checked out of 213. Nothing has been found in 215. Both rooms were put out of service for 6 weeks (as a precaution 215 was included) and treated. There have been no more problems. Our staff is trained to look for any bug issues and we take any report of bed bugs VERY SERIOUS.

serious infestation in
room 213 and 215
memorial day weekend
caught one and showed it to the manager
he didn't even give us a discount / deduction off the price of the room

please protect yourselves!!!!

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