Fairfield Inn by Marriott Scottsdale Road
13440 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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I had just checked into my room (#112) around 10pm and was just working through some emails while laying on the bed, I noticed something move on the white pillow in front of me and I moved my compute to find a flat, brown bug --- at first I thought it was a tick but that seemed very strange to me and it seemed to move too quickly to be a tick. I grabbed a tissue and caught it. Immediately checked the internet for photos of bedbugs and it was the exact same bug.

I took it to the lobby, the ni

ght worker at the desk crushed it immediately (I was able to get a photo, albeit blurry, before I talked to the staff.

At no point did he acknowledge that it was or could be a bedbug - even when I showed him a photo from my phone of a bedbug- exactly the same looking as the one I captured. He said he would call housekeeping in the morning and move me to another room. I asked to be transferred to another hotel. It took a little doing, but I was transferred to another hotel and had my room comped.

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