Super 8 Quartzsite Az
2050 Dome Rock Rd
Quartzsite, AZ

Found 6 reports:

First time in my life I have ever encountered bed bugs in a hotel. I traveled to several foreign countries but it was back home in the US at the Super 8 in Quartzsite, Arizona that I encountered them. The little buggers had a feast on my legs. I wouldn't have had any clue until I was about to check out and spotted this bug on my pillow. I squeezed it and blood oozed out.

6/10/15 Checked in room 112. Within an hour a bed bug ran across the sheet in front of me. Captured it and confirmed identity. Checked out immediately. Clerk was nice about it, and understood my aversion to staying there.

Wife and I stayed here for three nights starting 1/6/15. Returned home and wife had bites on arms, legs, and back. They are definitely bed bug bites. We have dated pictures of the bites. There were some kind of bugs on a wall near a light switch. Don't know what they were, but sure matched pictures we saw on web. Just so happens, we saw another bed bug report for the same motel around the same time. The room being reported was next door to ours.

was very happy with my stay here asked about bed bugs and was shown a health report showing a clean report was told a former employee started the rumor when he was let go. They will gladly show you the report

I stayed there for two nights in August 2011 only to find that I had brought bed bugs back to my home.

I stayed at this hotel for 5 nights the last part of January 2009. When I checked out I had many bed bug bites on my arms, legs and stomach. It was really bad. Told the hotel staff about it and they said they would look into it. Don't know if they did.

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