Super 8 Phoenix North
8130 N Black Canyon Hwy
Phoenix, AZ

Found 3 reports:

We have stayed in room 162. While I was in bed, I felt an itch on my eye. That was weird, because I heard no mosquito noise.
My husband was busy with his phone and therefore was a bit light in the room. At that moment I have seen a bug on his pillow. We were immediately up and saw a several bugs in bed. We have moved to another room without bedbugs, but we did not sleep good.

Pulled In late with our baby. Got stuffed in rm 349. Husband and I both bitten within moments of each other as soon as we got comfortable. Found a live bug crawling on my bed. Don't want to move because we'd have to wake the baby but man this sucks. I feel kind of violated, and I'm terrified of dredging them back with us! So itchy help do we move? what should I do?

I stayed at this hotel on January 27, 2011 and found bed bugs in room 117.
I looked prior to going to bed and found nothing. After the lights were out a while I checked again. I found seven bugs on the sheets before I reported it and was moved to another room. I did not find any in the new room but could not sleep after my encounter.

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