Hilton Phoenix Airport
2435 S 47th St
Phoenix, AZ

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Checked in on 10/3/19 and left on 10/6/19. My wife and I had no issue first night then each and every night thereafter we were awakened with new bites all over our lower legs, ankles and feet. They were unlike any insect bites we have ever had. Thick hard red bumps. Verbal report at the front desk was casually disregarded as I asked upon check out of there was any notes on my account or for the room. They saw nothing so I knew they did not care.

At the Phoenix Airport Hilton we take the issue of bed bugs seriously. With this case we deeply regret that the manager gave the impression that this was not serious. Our entire housekeeping staff as well as several of our executive managers have been trained in identification of bed bugs. Each room is checked for bed bugs as it is cleaned. Specific procedures to investigate as well as eradicate if indeed they are confirmed are followed. As with any notification of bed bugs we handled the above

case by taking the specific room out of service. The Executive Housekeeper inspected the room as trained and bagged and sealed the linen from the room to isolate it. She found no signs of bed bugs. The vacuum cleaner bag used for this room was put in a plastic bag sealed and disposed of. The room was then inspected by the Hotel's professional exterminator. He found no bed bugs or evidence of infestation. The room remained out of service an additional two days and again inspected by the exterminator to insure no eggs had hatched. Again, no evidence of bed bugs was found. Bed bugs are a serious problem in the travel industry as a whole and are found in airplanes, taxis and even public movie theatres. We continue to watch carefully as airport properties are prime targets for these bugs due to the transient nature of our guest.
We again regret that this guest was not given the impression of our concern for them and other guest. We could have done better at communicating the steps that we would take to insure the room was free of bed bugs. We intend to continue to inspect each room as it is cleaned and to act quickly to any guest report of bed bugs. The safety and security of our guest remains a top priority of the entire management team at the Phoenix Airport Hilton.

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My wife and I stayed here on March 12 2011, and it would have been an OK stay, except for the fact that I woke up with 50-60 bed bug bites all over my hands, feet, arms and legs. After a day of intense itching and swelling, I visited a doctor who identified the bites as bed bug bites. I also found out that I was allergic to the bites, and the doctor had to be put on prednisone and topical steroids to treat the swelling.
After my wife and I got back from the Doctor, we called the hotel to report

that I had been bitten by bed bugs. I wasn't calling to get any type of compensation; I was just trying to make them aware of the problem so they could address it. My hopes were that they could prevent other customers from being bitten and help prevent the further spread of these pests. When I finally was able to reach the manager, he was belligerent, rude, and inferred that I was making the entire thing up. There was no, I'm sorry to hear you were bitten, or is there anything we can do for you. Instead, he said, that the person that stayed the day after I did didn't complain about bites, and if I wanted to file a claim that I needed to contact their insurance company. I explained that I didn't want to file a claim, and that I just wanted to make sure that the issue was being taken seriously. From there the manager just became more belligerent and haughty, so I finally just gave up talking to him.
Bed Bugs are becoming more and more common, and it the attitudes, apathy, and ineffectiveness of manager's like this that allows continued rapid spread. If this Hilton continues to treat all cases of bed bugs like they did my case, it will be overrun in a matter of weeks. I would strongly recommend avoiding this hotel at all costs.

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We stayed here on Marxh 13, 2011. I checked our sheets and didn't see any bugs. (In hindsight, I should have checked under the matress.) My husband woke up with small bite marks on his hands and feet. He had an allergic reaction, which swelled up and required him to take antibiotics and steroids. The doctor said it was absolutely bed bugs, and more bites showed up throughout that day. We called the hotel Manager who denies it was even a possibility, was very rude, and said several other guests h

ad stayed in this room with no issues. This concerned me, because it meant he did not quarantine the room or take steps to stop the outbreak from spreading. Very disappointing since we have been faithful Hilton members. Finally, after calling customer service to report this Manager's issue (and the bed bugs!), we received a random voucher for 1-night free stay on the mail. No apology, no admission there was an issue, and no reassurance that they are fixing the issue for future guests. Please be warned before saying there!

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