Crowne Plaza Hotel Phoenix-Airport
4300 E Washington St
Phoenix, AZ 85034-1818

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I also noticed that the original report talks about THREE separate rooms on the eighth floor, and the hotel's canned response only talks about one room. It really makes you wonder if anything was actually done and how seriously they really take bed bug reports.

The hotel's response was very good IF they actually do what they say. However, it's odd that their response talks about the room being out of service for at least 2 days and their post is dated the VERY NEXT DAY after the original incident report. Perhaps the traveler had the incident more than 2 days before his post, but there's no way to tell with the hotel's response (boilerplate, as pointed out by another astute reader).

Its interesting that the statement from 9/15 is identical to a statement that the hilton made on 3/11. Seems like it was not a personal letter from a manager but a typical response that is used every time. Shame on u for that. Your dishonesty lost u my business.

At the Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport we take the issue of bed bugs seriously. Our entire housekeeping staff has been trained in identification of bed bugs. Each room is checked for bed bugs as it is cleaned. Specific procedures to investigate as well as eradicate if indeed are followed. As with any notification of bed bugs we handled the above case by taking the specific room out of service. The Executive Housekeeper inspected the room as trained and bagged and sealed the linen from the room to i

solate it. No sign of bed bugs were found. The vacuum cleaner bag used for this room was put in a plastic bag sealed and disposed of. The room was then inspected by the Hotel's professional exterminator. No bed bugs or evidence of infestation was found. The room remained out of service an additional two days and again inspected by the exterminator to insure no infestation existed. Again, no evidence of bed bugs was found. Bed bugs are a serious problem in the travel industry as a whole and are found in airplanes, taxis and even public movie theatres. We continue to watch carefully as airport properties are prime targets for these bugs due to the transient nature of our guest. We intend to continue to inspecting each room as standard operating procedure to ensure no bed bugs are found. The safety and security of our guest remains a top priority of the entire management team at the Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport.

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Three people, Including myself, all experienced several bug bites. We were all in separate rooms on the 8th floor. We are not sure if it was bed bugs or some other type of insect, but the bites look and are positioned just as descriptions I've read during research. The hotel was informed.

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