Hampton Inn Phoenix/Glendale/Peoria
8408 W Paradise Ln
Peoria, AZ

Found 2 reports:

11/5/12 - Had a room on the 5th floor (king size bed)- woke up with over 50 bites! Now I'm trying to super-clean everything I had with me. Front desk credited my room - but later told me "we found no evidence" yeah right! How about my 50 bites!

August 2011-found bugs in one of the queen size beds in the room. Active, live bugs that meet the description of bed bugs. Found a questionable one, then another and then groupings of them on the bedding. Super freaky and gross! Smashed one and blood squirted out. WTF?! Immediately reported to front desk personnel of bugs in the bed and requested immediate room transfer. We were only in the room for a few hours 4 hours max. I did the immediate research after the room transfer on bed bugs and fou

nd that the info, description of pictures of these things matched what was witnessed. So disgusted! Never experienced this before. Just hoping this is not an infestation and something to be concerned about.

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