Super 8
3401 E Andy Devine Ave
Kingman, AZ 86401-3705

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09/30/2013 checked in looked at room checked the bed did not see any signs of bugs.middle of the night woke up itching and burning BEDBUGS found two big ones and a dozen little ones. went to the front desk the guy didn't seem to give a hoot, talked to me like HE was an idiot telling me about his girlfriend working in another hotel and they have really bad bebug problem.I told him I wanted the manager to call me over this.I didn't hear from her until I called back to the hotel a week later and to

ld the girl that awnsered the phone who I was, what the call was about, and if the manager did not return my call by the end of the day I would call the health dept. I got a call she said she had got bizzeeeeee an had not had time to call me she told me that they had put the room out of service that night and that she was going to call the bug man an have it sprayed ..... She retuned my money.

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My fiancé travels for work alot he stayed here 9-16-13 and said he woke up with like 20 bites all over his legs , arms , and chest . He didn't make a big deal out of it even I told I thinks him he should have made them give him another room . Needless to say everything he took with him has stayed outside since he came home .The bites look horrible , they are all in a row with like 3 and 4 bites in a row so I'm pretty sure they are bed bug bites . I've always been paranoid about him bringing the

m home since he stays in hotels so much , hopefully I don't end up getting them in my house

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