Super 8 Globe Az
637 E Ash St
Globe, AZ 85501-1811

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I stayed in the room immediately behind the lobby on the back side of the hotel by the ice machine on Nov 6, 2009. I slept okay -- didn't think to look for bed bugs as I've never had an encounter and I didn't check the sheets in the morning. Two days later, I had bites begin to appear all over my body -- some in a line with between 3-8 bites spaced about 1/4 inch from one another. It took me a bit of research to realize I've been biten by bed bugs. It's now been 3 days since the attack and bi

tes are still popping up on my body. It's awful. They look horrible -- some on my face -- and they itch like crazy. I am very concerned about having transported them to my home. Will I every sleep soundly again?

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Me and my family got to the room late and exhausted and went right to bed to wake early the next morning and found all the blood stains on the sheets of the bed. I took pictures of the incident and reported it to the manager. He had stated that their was nothing he could do about it, I had asked for a refund but the manager disregarded the complaint. And now this, I hope their can be an end to this infestation. I am glad I am not the only one that has experienced this critter. I know that the

room was located on the top corner of the establishment and this was back in 2007 of November.

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16th April 2009. Room 108.
Woke to see tiny insect moving on the sheet in front of my nose. Squished it, and got a small pool of blood on the sheet. Checked the bed carefully and found about a dozen more of these tiny pin-head sized bugs. They didn't jump, so figured they were not fleas. Squished those I found. Then found a much larger one, half the size of a UK woodlouse, bronze colour. That made a hell of a bloody mess when squished. I quarantined all the clothes that had been in contact with

the bed. These all went to the laundromat that night.
There was a strong smell of paint in the room, and I had noticed that the soles of my feet came away black after walking barefoot on the carpet. I wondered if the room had recently been fumigated.
The duty manager wanted to move us to another room, but we preferred to shower and leave, hoping that we were not taking any little hitch-hikers to the next hotel! Oddly, had I not seen the insects, I would not have known I had been bitten, but have had loads of bites appear a week later. I just hope these are from my own back yard! Irene Marshall, Derby, UK.

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